Across The Burning Sky - The End Is Near Package CD + TS


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Product information "Across The Burning Sky - The End Is Near Package CD + TS"
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Melodic Death Metal Metal

Melodic Death Metal as Melodic Death Metal can be, for all fans of Gates Of Ishtar, Defleshed, God Dethroned, early In Flames, early Dark Tranquillity, Night In Gales...

These are the words that describe Across The Burning Sky best. The Nordic Death Metallers have been in the business for around 20 years, being active in several bands and projects. Maybe you know them. Maybe not.

They mention any names, because it’s not about names and people, it’s about the music!

With „The End Is Near“ they provide an album where you will find melodies, melodies, melodies and Death Metal. Fast. Slow.

On this album the band has captured the feeling of the beginning of this genre in the Nineties. A rough and intense production meets the rockin' charm of a live recording. Without claiming to be flawless, but always kicking asses!

For the mastering they worked together with "Pluto" at MegaWimpSound which is also known for his work for Primordial, Necrophobic, War From A Harlots Mouth, Aeternus, Blood Red Throne and other.

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