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They Bleeding for Thrash!

Andralls was formed in the capital city of São Paulo state (Brazil) in 1998. Musically, the goal of the group was to play fast and aggressive Thrash Metal that they called 'Fasthrash'. Getting to their sixth studio album, "Bleeding for Thrash", the trio went through problems during the writing process, when Alex Coelho was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, which held back the beginning of recordings. However with calm and attitude, Alex took the decision to keep writing while he started to prepare for the treatment, surgery and all other proceedings to the tumor's extraction. He was unable to sing for about six months and had to practically relearn how to sing, to record the album. Today, he is cured and yelling more than ever!

Recorded at Papiris Studio (SP) with producer Caio Monfort, "Bleeding For Thrash" was written "in the old-fashioned way" by jamming with drums and guitar, curiously inside the same room where the band started playing, around 1993/94. The result is an outstanding Thrash Metal album, but has touches of Death, Punk, traditional Metal, Industrial and even Country Music references in one of the tracks.

The album has again a rather aggressive, technical, dirty and fast Touch, as it always was. In addition to the regular 11 songs there are 2 bonus tracks on the record in the form of live recordings from „SWR Barrosselas Metalfest 2018“.

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