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Ruthless Death Metal Thunderstorm!

Founded in 2015 in Chur, Switzerland, Arcaine present their debut album "As Life Decays", which has a lot to offer! Stylistically more attached to technical Death Metal and extinguished with a pinch of Melodic Death Metal, the guys create a dry to the bone, brutal sound on their first album, which breaks the listener's neck from the very first note. The Swiss are relentless, stonecold, yet groovy and incredibly adept at their work.

However, the focus of the quintett is less on death and the devil than on current socio-critical themes. The band also wants to make the listener aware of his responsibility for the actions of mankind. The decadent way of life of the people, their development and their handling of nature is in the foreground and is taken up by the graphic concept of the Polish artist Xaay and visually implemented on the cover artwork. The album was recorded at Blue Wonder Studio in Chur, mixed by Vladimir Cochet at Conatus Studio in Vevey, and mastered by Max Morton (Morton Studios, Jinjer, Sacrosanct).

1. Intro
2. As Life Decays
3. Relentless
4. Still Alive
5. Tyrants
6. Toxic Mankind
7. Rebuild
8. Dream Of Victory
9. Void

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