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Welcome to a new age of doom! In 2018, four musicians from Brunswick and Würzburg came together under the name Ascian to sow misery, that will flow in endless streams among mankind. The band combines musical inspirations from Doom and Post (Black) Metal, creating a unique sound of leaden vibes: Hopeless and gloomy, yet filled with a glimmer of melancholy that shines through the dark.

The present album is the first testimony of their work and should easily find its followers somewhere between My Dying Bride and Alcest, whereby the quartet sets a completely individual note. "Elysion" was produced, mixed and mastered by doom metal mastermind Déhà (Slow, Cult of Erinyes and Merda Mundi) at Opus Magnum Studios Brussels, whereby Déhà did not miss the opportunity to immortalize themselves on the longplayer with some guest appearances.

Ascian set a more than strong exclamation mark with this debut. Leave all hope behind – Misery is ahead.

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