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Produktinformationen "DELIRIUM - Urkraft CD"
Franconian Pagan Madness!

The Franconians Delirium have been on the road in the German scene since 2006 and present their long-awaited second longplayer with "Urkraft".

Those who know the band from their numerous live shows or the "Wolfshenker" promo which was released in 2014 for free as a download know what awaits them: 8 songs of extremely varied Pagan Metal with a lot of devotion for great melodies, covering a stylistic spectrum from black metal chaos to banging, straight rock riffs. Lyrical the quintett is related to their Franconian homeland as well as pagan and mythological themes.

Urkraft was recorded in the Soundbath Studios in Rothenburg at the beginning of last year with the participation of various guest musicians such as Pascal Pfannenschmidt (Munarheim) and Jonas Müller (Boötes Void). Travos from Thormesis is responsible for the production, mixing and mastering and also contributes some guest vocals.

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