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Old. School. Death. Metal.

Founded in Bavaria in 2013, the quintet already caused quite a stir in the death metal underground with their 2015 EP "Morbid Obsessions". In the following years, they crashed several stages in Germany and abroad with a solid line-up, before they started working on their first longplayer in 2018. This debut, entitled "Eternity Of Death", was recorded and produced in the best old school DIY manner by the band members in home recording, but that didn't stop the guys from delivering a more than terrific sound.

The album was already released by the band in June of this year in a small edition on their own, before the band and label became aware of each other, and they decided not to wait until the next longplayer to work together.

"Eternity Of Death" has so much potential that it would be almost a crime not to make this gem accessible to a larger audience and to bring it to the stores on a "bigger stage". Somewhere between Death, Bolt Thrower and Grave there is always enough space on the record shelf at home.

1. Cosmic Circle
2. The Forgotten Grave
3. Eternity of Death
4. Impressions of Life
5. Depression
6. Encrypted Brutality of Life
7. Dead Man’s Face
8. Rotting Bride
9. Apud Vultum Tuum

running time: 43:08 min

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