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Thrash Metal as Thrash Metal can be!

Whose heart beats for finest Old School Thrash Metal, which has the Greeks of Exarsis least since the 2013er album "The Brutal State" on his radar. With the third album "The Human Project" you can certainly go as far as to say: At Exarsis anno 2015 there is no Thrash Metal way around.

After extensive tours (with Suicide Angels, Fueled By Fire und Lost Society) an a lot of Live Shows (with Anthrax, Sodom, Tankard, Judas Priest) it took the band in the Athens D-Studios, to record the follow-up work to "The Brutal State".

With the new album the Greeks have created a piece of Thrash Metal that really kick asses. Every fan of the genre should in his record collection between Overkill, Nuclear Assault, Anthrax and Vio-Lence to create some space for this masterpiece. Neckbreaking riffs , dizzying Solos, and with the new singer Nick a voice, which makes every genre fan mouths water, even if it pushes forward into US-Power Metal spheres.

Abnormal Generation
Police Brutality
False Flag Attack
Know Your Enemy (322)
Skull And Bones
Change Of Plans
Brutal State

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