FABULOUS DESASTER - Off With Their Heads CD Package + T-Shirt "Logo"

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Bonn Area Thrash Metal!

Friends of classic Thrash Metal should already get sweaty fingers at the band name. The Bonn Thrash Metalers Fabulous Desaster, who released their strapping debut album "Hang 'Em High" in 2016, are now releasing their second album "Off With Their Heads" - and notch up one's performance. Even though the bar for this band name is already very high, the quartet manages to keep this level on their new album and present 10 songs that have the potential to delight every Bay Area Thrash Metal fan.

Losing more words here would be like carrying coals to Newcastle. This Thrash Metal firework was produced like the debut by and with Armin Rave at Soundsight Studio Hennef, while the coverartwork, also like the predecessor, is by the Guatemalan artist Mario W. Lopez M...

With "Off With Their Heads" Fabulous Desaster locate the Bay Area on the Rhine and follow, besides all associations with genre heros, their own course. Thrash on!
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