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Don't fear the Austrians!

Fearancy was founded in Styria in 2014 and mixed elements of thrash, melodic death, groove and industrial metal on their debut album "Paranoia", which was released in 2016. In the following years, the guys gained a good reputation as a live band with several shows at home and abroad, before they started working on the follow-up album. The result of this work is now available in the form of "Dæmonium", which is much heavier than the quartet's early days.

Even if the origins in the thrashmetal like thunderstorm riffing or the groovy mosh parts can still be heard, the songs on "Dæmonium" can also be unhesitatingly united under the term modern melodic death metal. Friends of bone-dry neckbreakers will definitely get their money's worth and especially live, the new songs should ensure a lot of movement in the pit.

The 10 songs were recorded at the Romes studio in Hartberg, Austria, while the mix and mastering was done by none other than J-F Dagenais (KATAKLYSM), who put the finishing touches on the whole thing at JFD Studios in Texas. Diego Gedoz de Souza (Hatebreed, Cypress Hill, Heathen, among others) is responsible for the artwork.

1. Last Disease
2. Rise And Fall
3. Dæmonium
4. All Is Lost
5. Sacrifice
6. Voices
7. Instincts
8. Rise Again
9. Coldened
10. Agony

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