Final Cry - The Ever-Rest CD + Edelstahltasse

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Set with Jewelcase-CD and the mug:
• Stainless Steel Mug with carabiner
• with „The Ever-Rest“ Laserengraving
• double-walled
• ca. 220 ml
• Silver/frosted
Outdoor,- und Festiva fit!

Still on the track!

For more than 30 years, FINAL CRY have been a constant part of the German metal scene and now present their sixth longplayer with the mountaineering epic "The Ever-Rest". On it, the band once again succeeds in reinventing themselves without losing sight of their roots.

Their sound, still rooted in thrash metal, captivates with merciless riffing, raging drums and a great feeling for melodies and atmosphere and builds a bridge between the classic thrash of the 80s and the dark Scandinavian death to black metal styles of the 90s. The new man on the mic not only gives the band's sound a new touch with his nasty screams and growls, but also fits the album's deadly, frosty scenario like a glove. The overall concept of "The Ever-Rest" is rounded off by a 20-page story booklet, which contains the real-life stories underlying each individual song.

For some backing vocals and choirs, which support the epic depth of the theme, Herbie Langhans (AVANTASIA) and Børd Wäsche (EYE SEE BLACK) could also be won. "The Ever-Rest" was produced at Soundlodge Studio by Jörg Uken and is undoubtedly a highlight in the quintet's oeuvre and should delight both old and new fans of the band from Lower Saxony. As a bonus, "Words Unspoken", one of their all-time classics from 1994, has been re-recorded and ported into the new millennium.

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