Gates Of Ishtar - At Dusk And Forever - CD

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When talking about Swedish melodic death metal of the nineties, names like Dark Tranquillity, At The Gates and In Flames quickly come up. With GATES OF ISHTAR, a band is slightly forgotten that musically had no less impact on the genre and is one of the influences of numerous bands that saw the light of day after them.

After the 1996 debut "A Bloodred Path", two absolute milestones of the genre were released with "The Dawn of Flames" and "At Dusk and Forever", which unfortunately remained the last releases of the Swedes.

The first edition was lost at the end of the nineties due to the bankruptcy of the then label Invasion Records. In 2017, a remastered reissue was released, which is now either out of print or traded at high lover and/or import prices. So it's time for a re-release of these two rough diamonds at a time when melodic death metal of the nineties is once again enjoying increasing popularity!

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