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Founded in 2004 by Dave Rotten (AVULSED), the Spaniards of Holycide have always been dedicated to aggressive Thrash Metal. Nevertheless the project was in hibernation for a long time until 2013 when the first demo entitled "No Escape" was released. While the years 2017-2019 were used to tear down stages all over Spain, in 2020, after an EP and an album, the quintet's second longplayer "Fist To Face" is now available.

Recorded in the summer of 2019 at Cadillac Blood Studios, the band is ready to take the next step with the present 11 songs of finest Thrash Metal! With sophisticated arrangements, excellent instrumental work, intense riffs and catchy melodies, far away from commercial influences of other bands of this genre, Holycide make this album a pleasure for fans of more extreme Thrash Metal.

The coverartwork was done by Akirant Illustration, who are also responsible for several designs by Iron Maiden. The guys have once again succeeded in putting the impetuous rawness of the 80s into a contemporary sound and deliver an album which is timeless despite all reminiscences of the early days of the genre and will kick some ass in 2020.

1. Intrump
2. Fist To Face
3. Empty Cyber Life
4. Vultures
5. Nuclear Fallout
6. Trapped By The Crappy Trap
7. Mentality Packs
8. The Aftermath (Recipients of Death)
9. Napalm Sweet Napalm
10. Innocent Hate
11. Fake Libertarian

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