HYEMS - Anatomie Des Scheiterns CD

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Since 1997, HYEMS have been celebrating Black Metal, which, oscillating between hymns and disharmony, is repeatedly thwarted by a snotty punk attitude. The band resists the commercially promising temptations of modern styles and reflects in their music on what once tipped the scales for their foundation: the fascination for Black Metal of the 90s. Free of any aspirations for success, vanity and any expectations of the future.

With "Anatomy of Failure" the band presents their ninth release, which "belongs by far to the best we have ever done" as frontman A.E.J. emphasizes. The album, which was recorded and produced in the Tobe Studio in Siegen, not only impresses with its musical authenticity, but is also based on a sophisticated content.

The lyrics deal with an interdependent individual and collective failure that leads to catastrophes of different kinds. Inspired by historical examples, but also deeply personal experiences of the musicians. The lyrics do not describe, they accuse this failure. They are highly political and show the middle finger to anyone who conjures up such a failure, or who surrenders to this failure.

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