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Steamroller from the depths of hell Since 1998 already, the Franconias from HATRED are active in the metal climes. After their albums Madhouse Symphonies in 2008 and Destruction Manual in 2010 was apparently a little quieter. With „We Are The Moshcrew“ the band contribute the official hymn to the Metal-action-adventure-game „Brütal Legend“ and in the following the fivepiece played a lot of live shows and tours with bands like Cripper and Godslave. Furthermore the band is one of the few who have played an liveshow in Dubai! In 2015 Hatred logs back now impressively with a new album! Musically the Band is not being readily pigeonholed, but it is unmistakably a large dose of US-Thrash Metal as a solid base. Mixed with a few Death Metal influences you got an highly explosive mixture, which tempts you to wild headbang movement Even after 17 years in business you can be certain: Where Hatred is on it, there Hatred is in it! Hatred in 2015 are brutal, authentic and refreshing at the same time. Like a steamroller from the depths of hell sound the latest album of the quintet its way through the ear canals and excited old and young metalheads simultaneously.
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