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Welcome To Insanity!

At In Sanity, which was founded in 2011, sanity and insanity are not only close together, they are virtually on the same line. Once founded with the goal of continuing up a bit of the good old Melodic Death Metal times of the late nineties, the band has since then taken a path that has now reached a new dimension in 2019. Multivoice guitars, covered with steel and styled with a sophisticated songwriting, after two albums released on their own - the band now delivers their masterpiece "Welcome To The Show" .

The sextet does not only set acoustic accents, but also tells a story visually, which is not only found on photos and in the artwork, but is also told in their extravagant live shows, which thus amount to an insane Extreme Melodic Metal performance.

"Welcome To The Show" was recorded and produced in the Greenman Studios by Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann (Orden Ogan, Rhapsody, Alamanac), which not only promises a superb sound, but also cements the demands of the band, which seems to know only one way: always forward and directly "in your face". With this in mind: Let the games begin!

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