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Florida's best kept secret are the late 70s formed IRON CROSS. Their original Heavy Metal tunes are times back surely on of the most pure evil hymns around. US Metal Highlight finally available again. While other US Metal gems like Attacker, Omen, Metal Church or Jag Panzer get more famous Iron Cross still kept Underground. The music itself was more extreme and reminds in some parts of early Slayer and early Mercyful Fate. If you want to listen pure Heavy Metal underground classic, take a listen to „Iron Cross“ - maybe the most extreme US Power Metal ever?

01. Demons Deciple
02. Angel Of Death
03. Demons
04. Bloodlust
05. Dark Dreams
06. Fantasy World
07. Mistress Of The Dark
08. S&M Medley
*Bonus Tracks*
09. Believer Deceiver
10. Rest In Peace
11. Dark Dreams
12. Am I Insane
13. Fantasy World

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