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Long live the riffs, the sweat, the beer and the metal!

The Groove Thrash Metal Monster KINGBÉAST from Nuremberg, existing since 2012, is considered one of the best kept secrets of the German scene. Their self-produced 2014 debut "Demonic Beast Arises" was not undeservedly voted Demo of the Month at german Rock Hard Magazine. With "Straps Of Wrath" the band now puts a successor on the CD shelves that more than does justice to the early praise of their debut.

With their razor-sharp guitar riffs, paired with a lot of groove up to slower doom sounds and the phenomenal drumming of Goath drummer Tobias Bezold the trio makes sure that no neck remains painless! The band retains a versatility that is second to none - without taking the pressure off, even in the quieter and melodic passages!

Mixed and mastered by Lars Lüttge at Deadlight Studio (a.o. Berzerker Legion, Vomit Desease) in Nuremberg, "Straps Of Wrath" will thirteen times kick your ass and will blow you away for sure. To say it in the words of the band: Long live the riffs, the sweat, the beer and the metal! In metal we trust!

1. Starting A New Life
2. Leave Them To Die
3. Numb The Pain
4. Fix The Problem
5. Youth
6. A Soul Demise
7. Badass
8. Straps Of Wrath
9. Blissfully Unaware
10. Caving In
11. En Pleine Nuit
12. V strede srdciach od európy
13. Gargoyles

running time: 43:31 min

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