RETERNITY - Facing The Demon CD

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After the quartet, which was just founded in summer 2018, was able to make their first exclamation marks with their "Demo 2018" in autumn of the same year, the Swabians have now released their eagerly awaited full lenght debut "Facing The Demon".

The band presents itself with compact, extremely multi-faceted and stylistically wide-ranging songs which, despite their versatility, can be aptly summarised under the term "Metal". The spectrum ranges from speed and thrash metal influenced neck breakers to hymnic melodic songs like the title track, which is performed in duet with the female hard rock singer ELA, to danceable, dark haunting melodys.

Apart from the differentiated solos and varied riffs of Carsten Sauter (Mighty D., Pyroclasm) and Semen Brik (Echo.Mensch), as well as the experienced drumming of Sascha Beul (Remember Twilight, Darkness Ablaze), it is not least the characteristic vocals of Stefan Zörner (SpiteFuel, Lanfear, Strangelet) that leave their mark on the album.

Together with Zörner's lyrics, which deal with the struggle against inner demons and temptations, the powerful sound produced in Jonas Kümmerle's Analog Mixing Studio merges into a homogeneous experience.

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