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Metallic north wind!

For 10 years now Strydegor have been providing a steady musical north wind in the metal scene. They mix gusts of melodic death metal with hymnic-acoustic swirls, peppered with accentuated pinches of biting black metal. After the three albums and numerous gigs on European stages so far, the northmans are now preparing to unleash another storm of sound with "Isolacracy" as a testimony to their musical development. Like an Orcan that gets under your skin more incisive and lasting than anything the band has ever made before.

The waiting time for the new album was definitely worth it, because "Isolacracy" undoubtedly represents the high point of the quartet's musical work so far and should be a candidate for the title "Melodic Death Metal Album of the Year". The Classical Melodic Metal trademarks, multi-layered vocals, a great feeling for melodies and atmosphere, as well as the mature songwriting are definitely a demand for admission into higher spheres of Metal Olymp!

The present 11 songs were recorded between february 2018 and august 2020 in the Hell-Sounds Studio in Neu Brenz, refined by Oliver Carell/Blastbeat Productions (Ophis, Fäulnis, Heretoir, among others) and finally mastered by Lasse Lammert in the LSD Studio Lübeck (Alestorm, Gloryhammer) to a stunning neckbreaker. The cover artwork, which was created by Patrick Wittstock from Azrael Design, completes the harmonious overall picture of the almost 50 minute longplayer.


1. Beware the Beast Man
2. Innocence Corroded
3. Lucid
4. Stars and Strife
5. World in your Hands
6. Into the Unknown
7. Escape
8. Enemy:Inside
9. As April slowly fades
10. Oceans
11. Still Alive

running time: 46:48 min

Back on Ancient Traces (2009)
In the Shadow of Remembrance (2012)
Enraged (2014)
Isolacracy (2020)

Florian Kunde - Guitar, Vocals
Daniel Hauschild - Guitar
Martin Schmidt - Bass Guitar
Immanuel Promnitz - Drums

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