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Produktinformationen "SUICIDE OF SOCIETY - War Investment CD"
Pure Thrash Metal Massacre!

After the German thrashers are already celebrating their tenth stage anniversary, it is time for their debut album in 2020! In view of the long time "War Investment" is not just a debut, but almost a "best-off" which contains the best material from their turbulent band history. The quartet celebrates straightforward Thrash Metal of the old school, with audible roots of the German, but also American genre fathers. "War Investment" means 40 minutes full of riff thunderstorms, melodies and sing-along parts, garnished with socially critical lyrics.

The album was already recorded and produced last year in the Credge Audio Studios of Anatoli Kalyuk, who gives the production a sound that perfectly transports the feeling of the "old times" into the modern age.

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