SUIDAKRA - Echoes Of Yore Gatefold LP black

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The 25th Anniversary

The Quest
Rise Of Taliesin
Hall Of Tales
Pendragon's Fall
Warpipes Call Me
Lays From Afar
running time: 50:51 min

After 25 years and 12 studio albums SuidAkrA undoubtedly belong to the spearhead of the German metal scene. The Celtic-mythological concept of the band is inseparably connected with the Belgian artist and illustrator Kris Verwimp, who is also the creative head behind the lyrical orientation. After countless tours around the globe, the band was the first metal band ever to perform on their third India tour in 6 different Indian cities in 2014.
On the occasion of their 25th anniversary, the band moved to the Gernhart Studio in summer 2019 to record a proper anniversary work with their best classics under the wing of Martin Buchwalter. All recorded Songs were chosen by fans within a Kickstarter project before. As a bonus, former member Marcel Schoenen could be engaged to do his vocal lines, so the classic SuidAkrA-feeling of those old songs sound in a fresh and polished way.

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