SUIDAKRA - Lupine Essence LP Neon-Green / Black SPLATTER Vinyl

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Produktinformationen "SUIDAKRA - Lupine Essence LP Neon-Green / Black SPLATTER Vinyl"
Neon-Green / Black SPLATTER Vinyl Limited 100 units
The vinyl Edition is NOT remastered... This is the original!

The legendary Debut

23 years have passed since the release of the debut album "Lupine Essence", which was to be the starting point of a career as adventurous as it was unique. As schoolboys, the guys delivered newspapers to be able to realise the project. What at that time was an enormous effort, both humanly and financially, was to give birth for the first time a German band which mixing folk with black metal.

With 2000 units, the album sold out quickly and was only re-released once with the first edition of the digipak of "Auld Lang Syne". Since 1998 it is considered a completely lost diamond in the band's discography. Time to finally dig it up again, with new artwork (very similar to the original), bonus tracks and for the first time available on vinyl.

Suidakra, that's over 25 years of band history, tours all over the world, placements at the biggest festivals AND still good friends who enjoy making music together. It was also important to the label to revive the beginning of this unusual and unique journey together with extra Linar Notes from Arkadius...

1. Banshee
2. Dragon Tribe
3. Heresy
4. Sheltering Dreams
5. Havoc
6. Warpipes Call Me
7. … And A Minstrel Left The Mourning Valley
8. Sheltering Dreams (re-recorded 2020 Version)
9. … And A Minstrel Left The Mourning Valley (re-recorded 2020 Version)

1997 Lupine Essence
1998 Auld Lang Syne
1999 Lays From Afar
2000 The Arcanum
2002 Emprise To Avalon
2003 Signs For The Fallen
2005 Command To Charge
2006 Caledonia
2009 Crógacht
2011 Book of Dowth
2013 Eternal Defiance
2016 Realms Of Odoric
2018 Cimbric Yarns
2019 Echoes Of Yore
2020 Lupine Essence (ReRelease)

Arkadius Antonik - vocals (harsh), guitars
Marcel Schoenen - guitars, vocals (clean)
Christoph Zacharowski - bass
Stefan Möller - drums
Daniela Voigt - keyboards, female vocals
Tina Stabel - Female Vocals (2020)

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