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Earthy hard rock. Simple and good. Simply good.

If there is one positive thing to take away from the past 2 years of Corona Pandemie, it is that countless musicians and bands have used the involuntary time off to put together new albums or even new projects. This is also the case with Serpents In Paradise. After the split of Spitefuel, guitarist Tobias Eurich didn't just want to hang up his guitar, but to dedicate himself more to something that had been neglected in the years before: solid hard rock. More blues, more dirt and more guitar heroes (Slash, Page, Young) from his youth.

In Matthias Lüönd and Jason-Steve Mageney, the right comrades-in-arms were quickly found for an ambitious project, which also has the goal of sooner or later hitting the stages. Since it was not possible to find a suitable singer in the immediate vicinity, the idea of implementing the whole thing with the help of various guest singers matured. In the end, Gianni Pontillo (Victory), Stu Block (ex-Iced Earth), Herbie Langhans (Firewind, Avantasia), Mark Fox (Shakra) and Alex Kühner (High Tide), a whole host of singing heroes, got enthusiastic about the project, the idea and, last but not least, the songs and contributed their part to this album.

The result is a gripping, incredibly mature hard rock album. Down-to-earth, solid and yet with that certain something that makes Serpents In Paradise stand out from the crowd.

1. Love Bites
2. Tomorrow Never Comes
3. Where's The Rock 'n' Roll Gone?
4. Moonshine Blues
5. Black Hole
6. Sun May Shine
7. Mojo Man
8. Overrated
9. Get Lost Again
10. Ghost Lights
11. Smoke & Mirrors
running time: 46:47 min

Tobias Eurich – Guitars
Matthias Lüönd – Bass
Jason-Steve Mageney – Drums

Gianni Pontillo (Track 1 & 7)
Stu Block (Track 2 & 6)
Herbie Langhans (Track 3 & 8)
Mark Fox ( Tracks 4 & 10)
Alex Kühner (Track 5 & 9 & 11)

Guns’n Roses, Bon Jovi, Skid Row

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