Stormwitch - Tales Of Terror CD

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Heavy Metal Classic!

The self-proclaimed Masters Of Black Romantic were founded in 1979 in the Bavarian village of Gerstetten. In 1984 they recorded their debut album "Walpurgis Night" for Gama Records. In the course of their career, the band had to compensate for many line-up changes, but they always managed to create something special with every album. In addition, the band always impressed on stage, both at their many single-weekend shows and on the numerous tours of their career. Like their label mates S.D.I., Stormwitch were also very popular behind the Iron Curtain, although their albums were usually hard to get in Eastern Europe. Stormwitch's best-known fans are the Swedish heavy metal monsters Hammerfall, who also covered the track "Ravenlord" from the album "Stronger Than Heaven".

Stormwitch are still active today and have released 13 albums so far. The re-released "Tales Of Terror" dates back to 1985 and is still one of the band's classics. Also included are the four live bonus tracks from the first re-release of Battle Cry from 2004.

01. Point Of No Return
02. Hell's Still Alive
03. Masque Of The Red Death
04. Arabian Nights
05. Sword Of Sagon
06. Trust In The Fire
07. Night Stalker
08. Lost Legions
09. When The Bat Bites
- - - - - -
Bonus-Songs (live):
10. Arabian Nights
11. Bloodsucker (unreleased)
12. Evil Omen (unreleased)
13. White Saints In Hell (unreleased)

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