THORMESIS - The Sixth Digipak CD

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With their sixth studio album, which aptly bears the name "The Sixth", the South Germans prove once more that they are not ready to be pushed into a drawer. Between modern Post, - and the Pagan Black Metal of their early days, Thormesis have managed to create their own place for their music with their sophisticated songwriting, without having to make any compromises in soundtechnical or contentwise.

The band consistently relies on the trademarks of their last albums and combines great, touching melodies with a frosty sound, for which the band, like on the previous album "Trümmerfarben", shows itself responsible which underlines the uncompromising nature of their musical work.

With "The Sixth" Thormesis have created an album which undoubtedly represents the highlight of the quartet's musical work and captivates and fascinates the listener from the first to the last tone.

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