TIAMAT - Commandments CD

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TIAMAT, a band that has its origins in extreme metal and has developed rapidly from album to album, falling victim to the intoxicant excesses in their career. But where there are many shadows, there is also a lot of light, because musically Tiamat have always managed to write really big hits in their balancing act from Black Metal to Pink Floyd and Gothic Metal.

A Best Of record with a part of music history as it will never be written again. You can literally feel the atmosphere of new beginnings. Tiamat are exotics in the music business, who never followed a line and still have their faithful and loyal fanbase behind them.

1.Where The Serpents Ever Dwell
2.On Golden Wings
3.Ancient Entity
4.The Sleeping Beauty
5.A Caress Of Stars
6.Whatever That Hurts
8.Cold Seed
9.Phantasma De Luxe
10.Brighter Than The Sun
11.As Long As You Are Mine
12.The Return Of The Son Of Nothing
13.Vote For Love
15.Wings Of Heaven
16.Divided (Edit)

running time: 1:19:55 min

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