UNLEASHED - Victory (+ Live Bonus Tracks) CD

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The fourth album of the Swedish Death Metal veterans from 1995, a groundbreaking and timeless milestone of an entire genre. Out of print for many years and only available on collector's markets, it is now re-released as MDD Classic re-release. This re-release also contains 6 bonus tracks "Live In Katowice, Poland, November 24th 1995".

1. Victims Of War
2. Legal Rapes
3. Hail The New Age
4. The Defender
5. In The Name Of Go
6. Precious Land
7. Berserk
8. Scream Forth Agression
9. Against The World
10. Revenge
Bonus: Live In Katowice
11. Revenge
12. The Defender
13. In The Name Of God
14. Against The World
15. Victims Of War
16. Berserk

running time: 53:45 min

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