Vamacara - Cosmic Fires: The Enlightenment Reversed Bundle CD + TS

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Bundle with CD and T-Shirt (fits a bit smaller).

70s rock with blast beats!

The idea behind Vāmācāra (Sanskrit for: "left hand path“) was from the beginning to unite oriental and western music, aesthetics and philosophy. After the band was formed in 2015, N. (drums, percussion) and A. (vocals, guitar, bass) impressively demonstrated this approach in 2017 with their EP "Mantras for the Manifold".

The present debut album "Cosmic Fires: The Enlightenment Reversed" resembles a union of black, doom and death metal mixed with psychedelic and stoner rock. It should come as no surprise that the musical versatility is also reflected with lyrics in different languages (English, Greek, Polish and Turkish). Those who need stylistic pigeonholes can also describe the whole thing as "70s rock with blast beats". In any case, Vāmācāra offer an extraordinary listening experience!

Recorded by Ali Orhan at Tonstudio SH in Kiel and Jan Bzinkowski at Hear Studio in Warsaw, the whole thing was finally mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Recordings, who gives the production a fitting and impressive sound. Let yourself be captivated by the raw black and death metal sound with doom and psychedelic elements as well as a 70's rock foundation that always shines through.

1. Tara of the Cremation Grounds
2. Alchemical Symbolism
3. Vintage Filth Merchants (Yaşlı Pislik Tacirleri)
4. Moonbeam Trails
5. Rat Saliva
6. Brought up by the Moon
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