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Playing it safe means better off dead!

In 2018 The New Black guitarist Fabian "Fabs" Schwarz took a bold step out of his comfort zone by launching Who Brought The Dog, a solo project far cry from anything he had recorded before. He consciously kept his metal roots locked away while experimenting with a rock sound that found its way into the realms of indie, blues, alternative, funk, jazz, punk and even pop.

In 2019 Who Brought The Dog finally found its footing as a live act with drummer Philipp Klinger and guitarist Benjamin Haupt, resulting in a new and equally schizophrenic album "No World Order". Lyrically based in the world of real people and real situations, the songs are on a solid rock foundation with Fabs building on it in unexpected directions.

Combining jazz-oriented grooves with Bollywood soundbytes, an AOR big band vibe, or dance club beats gone rock, turns out the "no fear" attitude that makes Who Brought The Dog stand out in a cluttered music scene. The album showcase various facets of his musical personality, from quirky fun, to straight ahead rock, to provocatively dark.

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