Bonjure Tristesse - Par Un Sourire 2015 Digipak CD


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Product information "Bonjure Tristesse - Par Un Sourire 2015 Digipak CD"
"Everyone can feel the nothingness, the void, just beneath the surface of everyday routines and securities." John Zerzan, Elements of Refusal

That is what first Bonjour Tristesse album "Par Un Sourire" from 2010 is all about:

People being alienated from their world. A world which is still destroyed by capitalist societies and their overconsumptive lifestyles. People are slowly wasting away. Fear, pain and depression dominate our lives. Consumer society destroys everything. It is life-denying, for the most people have to work in repetitive jobs everyday, to pay their rent for tiny apartments every month and to be able to buy shitty things they dont need. Those who refuse to participate and resist to blend in are harassed and terrorized by armies of policemen enforcing unjust laws made by corrupt politicans, who support repressing states worldwide. This way of life has nothing to do with self-determination or freedom. Its more like enslavement. Like living in a cage your whole life. These circumstances give way to shocking high suicide rates and an ever increasing number of people suffering from depression and other mental illnesses.

Have you ever been free in your life?

Five years after its release the first Bonjour Tristesse album was re-released via MDD Records. Some parts of the songs were re-arranged, additional guitars were recorded and the whole album was re-mixed and re-mastered.

- Re-arranged, remixed and remastered Version of the much acclaimed Debut Album (2010)
- Limited Digipak Edition
- Solo Project of well known musician from Thränenkind, Heretoi, ex-Argypnie
Size: L

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