Information on the shop changeover 12.2022

Between 28 and 29 December 2022, the MDD Online Store was switched to a new shop system. All orders placed in the old shop system and not yet completed by then will be duly processed by us. No order will be lost!

Problems logging in?
If you cannot log in to the new shop system with your data as usual, you should first try to reset your password.

Existing customers and purchasers should nevertheless note the following:
•  All customer accounts created between 4 September 2022 and 28/29 December may have to re-register.
- Unfortunately, these accounts cannot and could not be transferred to the new shop system during the data migration.
• All orders placed between 4 September 2022 and 28/29 December may no longer be visible in the personal order history.
 - Unfortunately, these orderlisting could not be transferred during the data migration. (this concerns ONLY the list view in your account, the orders self are received and will be fulfilled)

No data, orders or other details have been lost! Access to the previous shop system is still available to us internally. We can trace and clarify questions about previous orders and order processes accordingly.

• All direct links, bookmarks to articles and external links to order overviews are no longer valid.

We apologise for the inconvenience resulting from these points and ask for your understanding. We hope that our new shop system with all its technological and future-proof innovations will quickly console you :)

Still Problems?  Questions?

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