Dark Tranquillity - Yesterworlds - CD

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Innovative Melodic Death Metal art made in Sweden...

We go on a journey through time to the primordial soup of Swedish melodic death metal. If Gothenburg is the destination, there is no way around Dark Tranquillity. Together with In Flames, the guys spearheaded a whole movement that sparked a revolution in the following years. Both bands changed vocalists at the beginning of their career among themselves and then conquered the metal and music charts of the world.

The first demo recordings presented here, however, do not yet show where the journey will lead. The songs are raw, wild and full of the urge to discover. The songs of the first demos, collected here on "Yesterworlds", represent the short time window in which the band created their very own style.

This collection of demos contains additional liner notes by guitarist Niklas Sundin, as well as the artwork for A Moonclad Reflection 7", for which he was also responsible at the time. Ladies and Gentlemen... "We are the outstretched fingers, that seize and hold the wind" ...with this lyric excerpt from "Punish My Heaven" we release you on a musical journey into the past.

Track Infos:
Track 1-4: „Trail Of Life Decayed“ Demo
Track 5-6: „A Moonclad Reflection“ 7“
Track 7-9: Previous unreleased Promo-Tape 1994
Track 10: Original released on the legendary W.A.R. Compilation Vol. 1 from 1994

01. Midwinter (Intro) 0.56
02. Beyond Enlightment 4.49
03. Vernal Awakening 5.22
04. Void Of Tranquillity 7.36
05. Unfurled By Dawn 7.24
06. Yesterworld 7.56
07. Punish My Heaven 4.43
08. Away, Delight, Away 5.19
09. The Gallery 4.11
10. Punish My Heaven 4.37
running time: 52.53

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