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Merciless Death Metal Steamhammer!

Mastic Scum are undoubtedly one of Austria's best-known metal exports. Since the early 90s, the band has been ravaging the international metal scene, delivering brute and technically high-quality death anthems that couldn't sound more crushing. Striking guitar riffs, merciless drums and massive grooves define the band's sound.

Even though the last album was released a few years ago, the band has not been idle in the meantime and has released various (split) EPs and tapes and has graced the stages of Europe time and again. With "Icon", the band now presents their sixth longplayer, which comes up with the typical band trademarks and aims exactly where it hurts: on the face!

The new death metal steamhammer was recorded in Vienna's Grindlab Studio, produced, mixed and mastered in Metalforge Studio under the care of Mike Kronstorfer. Be prepared, because Mastic Scum anno 2022 are a force!

01. Digital Dementia
02. Room 23
03. Slavebreed
04. Front Toward Enemy
05. Doomsayer
06. Virtual Irreality 3.0
07. Twice The Pain
08. Negation
09. Create And Destroy
10. Retribution

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