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Abomination - Abomination - CD
A Death Metal Veteran ... Abomination were founded in 1987 and quickly made it out of the Chicago haze, also thanks to Paul Speckmann, who made a lot of steam and steered the ship precisely on course. Many tours followed. Since 2011, the band has only been performing sporadically, as Paul Speckmann is focusing on his other baby "Master". Nevertheless, it is important that an album like this one is made available. Originating in the primordial soup of the death metal movement, one can confidently speak of a valuable piece of music history. TRACKLIST 01. The Choice 02. Murder, Rape, Pillage And Burn 03. Reformation 04. Redeern Deny 05. Possession 06. Suicidal Dreams 07. Life And Death 08. Victim Of The Future 09. Tunnel Of Damnation 10. Follower 11. Impending Doom

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ABYSS OF HEL - Into The Abyss - CD
Abyss of Hel wurde ursprünglich als Ein-Mann-Projekt von ex-Thrudvangar Gitarrist Daniel Stromayer ins Leben gerufen. Im Laufe der Zeit reifte jedoch schnell die Idee heran dem Ganzen mehr Raum zu geben und das jetzige Quintett gewann an Form und Profil. Die Musikalischen Roots liegen hierbei eher im amerikanischen Death Metal, wobei sich auch Progressive, Punk- und Elektro Einflüsse in den Arrangements wiederfinden und zu einer modernen, melodischen und zugleich düsteren Soundwand vereinen. Das vorliegende Debut Album „Into The Abyss“ bildet inhaltlich den Ablauf des mentalen Zusammenbruchs eines Menschen, dessen Abstieg in den Abgrund und dessen Realisierung einer unumstößlichen Wirklichkeit ab. Die beklemmende Thematik wird durch die intensiven, provokanten und auch melodramatischen Lyrics, die sowohl clean als auch als mit eindringlichen Growls vorgetragen werden, getragen. Gemischt wurden die 10 Songs von Lars Rettkowitz (Freedom Call), während sich Achim Köhler/Indiscreet Audio (u.a. Amon Amarth, Avantasia, Powerwolf) für das Mastering verantwortlich zeigt. Abyss In Hel präsentieren mit diesem ausgereiften Album eins der überraschendsten und beeindruckendsten Debuts des Jahres.

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Across The Burning Sky - The End Is Near CD
Melodic Death Metal Metal Melodic Death Metal as Melodic Death Metal can be, for all fans of Gates Of Ishtar, Defleshed, God Dethroned, early In Flames, early Dark Tranquillity, Night In Gales... These are the words that describe Across The Burning Sky best. The Nordic Death Metallers have been in the business for around 20 years, being active in several bands and projects. Maybe you know them. Maybe not. They mention any names, because it’s not about names and people, it’s about the music! With „The End Is Near“ they provide an album where you will find melodies, melodies, melodies and Death Metal. Fast. Slow. On this album the band has captured the feeling of the beginning of this genre in the Nineties. A rough and intense production meets the rockin' charm of a live recording. Without claiming to be flawless, but always kicking asses! For the mastering they worked together with "Pluto" at MegaWimpSound which is also known for his work for Primordial, Necrophobic, War From A Harlots Mouth, Aeternus, Blood Red Throne and other.

10,99 €*
ACT OF CREATION - The Uncertain Light CD
Powerful and merciless! If you include the predecessor band E 605, Act Of Creation are almost one of the veterans of the German death metal scene since the mid-nineties. After the split of E605 guitarist Carsten Schluch didn't hesitate to start a new beginning with Act Of Creation. With "The Uncertain Light" in 2020 the fourth longplayer under this name is now available. The four guys around female singer Jess prove that they are serious about it and serve us on 10 songs an energetic mixture of merciless thrash and emotional Melodic Death Metal, with which the band could gain a loyal live audience in the last years. The drums for "The Uncertain Light" were recorded in the legendary Kohlekeller Studios, while the rest was set up in the Cursed Studios. Mix and mastering was done by Dennis Koehne (Sodom, Exhumer, Caliban, a.o.), while the impressive artwork by Timon Kokott finished the great new album visually. TRACKLIST 01. The Burning Place 02. Break New Ground 03. Violet Red 04. Reflection 05. Sector F 06. Legion 07. State Of Agony 08. Confused Illusion 09. Hatefriend 10. The Uncertain Light running time: 54:22 min

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Adiant - Killing Dreams CD
Under the sign of desire! Formed shortly before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in autumn 2019, the quintet from Styria has taken up the cause of quite classic, partly symphonic melodic death metal with haunting female vocals. In spring 2020, Felix Gschier (DARKFALL), the singer's older brother, joined the band and take over bass, vocals and also parts of songwriting, thus driving the work on their debut album, which will be released in November 2021 via Black Sunset / MDD. The content of the album deals with multi-layered topics ranging from social criticism to environmental events and mental illness. The album was recorded and produced by Thomas Reinisch at Redhead Studios, with Philipp Wilfinger / Audiophil responsible for mastering. By the way, "Adiant" is an old Celtic term, which is owed to the Celtic sacrificial sites and excavation sites in Styria and means something like "wish" or "desire". Well, at least the wish for a first-class album has been fulfilled the band itself and the listeners with "Killing Dreams". TRACKLIST 1. Coronation 2. Killing Dreams 3. Hiding Place 4. Give Us A Voice 5. Beloved Distance 6. Lighthearted 7. Burning Bridges 8. Psychosis 9. Insatiable 10. Witches Dance running time: 36:37 min

9,99 €*
Adramelech – Psychotasia CD

10,99 €*
AEONBLACK - The Time Will Come CD
Pure Fucking Heavy Metal! Aeonblack, founded in 2003, present their second longplayer "The Time Will Come", on which they not only hold up the flag of traditional heavy metal, but are obviously willing to breathe new life into this genre. Because if you think of "traditional heavy metal" as old-fashioned fare, then you'd better get warm! "The Time Will Come" offers a massive wall of sound on 11 songs with powerful aggressive riffing, two-part guitars and classic melodic to scream-like vocals, which are performed with a joy of playing as if the quartet had sprung from a fountain of youth. A real punch of power and rawness with sophisticated arrangements and great songs, which already have the potential to become classics of their genre. The album is not only an ode to Heavy Metal - it simply IS "Pure Fucking Heavy Metal"! "The Time Will Come" was recorded at Cube Studio in Lörrach by the band, before mastermind Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Magnum) did the mixing and mastering at Humble Studio in Karlsruhe (Sinner, Khymera, Primal Fear, a.o.) TRACKLIST 01. Specter In Black 02. I Won’t Think About Tomorrow 03. 1999 Annihilation Overture 04. The Time Will Come 05. Warriors Call 06. No Man’s Land 07. The Phantom Of Pain 08. Nightwalker 09. Fire Wheels 10. Raw, Loud And Furious 11. When The Darkness Falls running time: 53:04 min

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ALL LIFE ENDS - Miscreation - CD
Old school meets modern extreme! Die bereits 2006 gegründeten Schweizer von ALL LIFE ENDS  bieten ihren Zuhörern von jeher eine Mischung aus purem, drückendem Death Metal der alten Schule mit Einflüssen des modernem Extrem-Metal und begeistern seitdem Metalheads, die auf kompromisslosen Death Metal mit technischen aber auch traditionellen Einflüssen mit melodischen Parts und ausgefeilten Gitarrensoli abfahren. Das Release des 2020er Full Lenght Debuts „The Plague of Man“ fiel zeitlich denkbar ungünstig in den Beginn der Covid Pandemie, was zur Folge hatte das unter anderem eine geplante Tour durch Deutschland, Polen und Tschechien abgesagt werden musste. Allerdings war man während dessen nicht untätig und nutzte die Zeit für die Arbeiten am nun hier vorliegenden Nachfolger „Miscreation“. Mit einem brachialem Sound und einem äusserst eindrucksvollen Artwork verspricht „Miscreation“, welches von Dan Swanö gemixt und gemastert wurde, jedenfalls ein echtes Highlight für Fans des Genres zu werden.

10,99 €*
ANDRALLS - Bleeding For Thrash CD
They Bleeding for Thrash! Andralls was formed in the capital city of São Paulo state (Brazil) in 1998. Musically, the goal of the group was to play fast and aggressive Thrash Metal that they called 'Fasthrash'. Getting to their sixth studio album, "Bleeding for Thrash", the trio went through problems during the writing process, when Alex Coelho was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, which held back the beginning of recordings. However with calm and attitude, Alex took the decision to keep writing while he started to prepare for the treatment, surgery and all other proceedings to the tumor's extraction. He was unable to sing for about six months and had to practically relearn how to sing, to record the album. Today, he is cured and yelling more than ever! Recorded at Papiris Studio (SP) with producer Caio Monfort, "Bleeding For Thrash" was written "in the old-fashioned way" by jamming with drums and guitar, curiously inside the same room where the band started playing, around 1993/94. The result is an outstanding Thrash Metal album, but has touches of Death, Punk, traditional Metal, Industrial and even Country Music references in one of the tracks. The album has again a rather aggressive, technical, dirty and fast Touch, as it always was. In addition to the regular 11 songs there are 2 bonus tracks on the record in the form of live recordings from „SWR Barrosselas Metalfest 2018“.

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HOMELESS ANGEL… The spanish Thrashers ANGELUS APATRIDA (spanish for homeless angels) were founded in 2000 and come from the idyllic town of Albacete, a place where you would most likely not expect as home base of a Thrash Metal band. Tours with e.g. Arch Enemy, Warbringer, Skeletonwitch or 3 Inches Of Blood placed the four boys on the map and quickly became known to every Thrasher of the second generation. The first internationally released album „Clockwork“, which was released on June 21st 2010 cemented their status into the Thrash Metal scene. The reviews were overwhelmed and the band presented themself on stage like a dervish. Incomprehensibly this gem of an album disappeared from the market. For years this Thrash Metal Monster was only available on the second hand market. This had to be stopped and this is why we present you this official Re-Rlelease of „Clockwork“. The bonus track of the limited first edition from this release we include also. I think you gonna like this „Be Quick Or Be Dead“ Cover-Version of Iron Maiden. Make sure you put this rerelease diamond into your CD Collection. Razor-sharp riffs are garnished with aggressive melodies and songs which blow away your ears. TRACKLIST 1. The Manhattan Project 2. Blast Off 3. Of Men And Tyrants 4. Clockwork 5. Devil Take The Hindmost 6. The Misanthropist 7. Legally Brainwashed 8. Get Out Of My Way 9. My Insanity 10. One Side One War 11. Into The Storm 12. National Disgrace 13. Be Quick Or Be Dead (Iron Maiden Cover) running time: 39:47 min Line-up Guillermo Izquierdo: Vocals, Guitar David G. Alvarez: Guitar Jose J. Izquierdo: Bass Victor Valera: Drums Discography Clockwork Re-Release (2020, MDD Records) Cabaret De La Guillotine (2018, Century Media) Hidden Evolution (2017, Century Media) The Call (2012, Century Media) Clockwork (2010, Century Media) Give ´em War (2007, Molusco Discos) Evil Unleashed (2006, Maldito Records)

9,99 €*
ARCAINE - As Life Decays Digipak CD
Ruthless Death Metal Thunderstorm! Founded in 2015 in Chur, Switzerland, Arcaine present their debut album "As Life Decays", which has a lot to offer! Stylistically more attached to technical Death Metal and extinguished with a pinch of Melodic Death Metal, the guys create a dry to the bone, brutal sound on their first album, which breaks the listener's neck from the very first note. The Swiss are relentless, stonecold, yet groovy and incredibly adept at their work. However, the focus of the quintett is less on death and the devil than on current socio-critical themes. The band also wants to make the listener aware of his responsibility for the actions of mankind. The decadent way of life of the people, their development and their handling of nature is in the foreground and is taken up by the graphic concept of the Polish artist Xaay and visually implemented on the cover artwork. The album was recorded at Blue Wonder Studio in Chur, mixed by Vladimir Cochet at Conatus Studio in Vevey, and mastered by Max Morton (Morton Studios, Jinjer, Sacrosanct). TRACKLIST 1. Intro 2. As Life Decays 3. Relentless 4. Still Alive 5. Tyrants 6. Toxic Mankind 7. Rebuild 8. Dream Of Victory 9. Void

9,99 €*
ASCIAN - Elysion Digi CD
A NEW AGE OF DOOM! Welcome to a new age of doom! In 2018, four musicians from Brunswick and Würzburg came together under the name Ascian to sow misery, that will flow in endless streams among mankind. The band combines musical inspirations from Doom and Post (Black) Metal, creating a unique sound of leaden vibes: Hopeless and gloomy, yet filled with a glimmer of melancholy that shines through the dark. The present album is the first testimony of their work and should easily find its followers somewhere between My Dying Bride and Alcest, whereby the quartet sets a completely individual note. "Elysion" was produced, mixed and mastered by doom metal mastermind Déhà (Slow, Cult of Erinyes and Merda Mundi) at Opus Magnum Studios Brussels, whereby Déhà did not miss the opportunity to immortalize themselves on the longplayer with some guest appearances. Ascian set a more than strong exclamation mark with this debut. Leave all hope behind – Misery is ahead.

9,99 €*
Ash Inheritance – Devastated By Fire CD
Great Thrash Metal release.. It seems like the „Master Of Puppets“ is dancing „The Toxic Waltz“ - you have been warned!

6,99 €*
ASPHAGOR - Pyrogenesis CD
Black Metal Masterpiece! Das Tiroler Black Metal Kollektiv Asphagor meldet sich anno 2023 eindrucksvoll zurück! Mit „Pyrogenesis“ legt das Quintett ihr viertes Studioalbum vor, welches dem in der Fachpresse in höchsten Tönen gepriesenen 2018er Release „The Cleansing“ folgt. Auf den vorliegenden 11 Songs mit einer Spiellänge von über 60 Minuten bietet die Band anspruchsvollen Black und Death Metal vom Feinsten, bei denen Freunde extremer Klänge vollends auf ihre Kosten kommen. Mit „Pyrogenesis“ schaffen Asphagor erneut ein Gesamtwerk, welches in der Lage ist eine atmosphärische Dichte zu erzeugen, die einen über die gesamte Spielzeit in seinen Bann zieht und den Hörer schier atemlos und beeindruckt zurücklässt. Gemixt und gemastert wurde das neue Meisterwerk von Victor 'Vic Santura' Bullok im Woodshed Studio. Das eindrucksvolle und zum Albumthema passende Artwork stammt von Sänger Morgoth selbst.

12,99 €*
Asphagor - The Cleansing Digipak CD
A new milestone! After the albums "Havoc" (2010) and "Anti" from 2013, which was described as one of the strongest black metal outputs from Austria, the path is clear for the third longplayer "The Cleansing" of the Austrian exceptional Black Metal act Asphagor. For this output, which documents a unique and logical evolution of the band, the successful collaboration with Patrick W. Engel from the Temple Of Disharmony Studio was continued to produce a successor that satisfie the high expectations - and exceed the high mark, which was set with "Anti". One can rightly say that with "The Cleansing" another milestone has been reached and this album will probably be one of the most intelligent and impressive Black Metal releases of the year 2018. Without getting lost in unneccesary production gimmicks, Asphagor create an overall work that is capable of creating an atmospheric density that enthrall you out over the entire 60-minute playing time of the album and leaving you back breathless and deeply impressed.

9,99 €*
Asphodelos - The Five Rivers Of Erebos CD
Death Metal Quintessence! Originating from "Hatred Within" in 2010, the Thuringian band Asphodelos dedicate themselves to classical death metal with a slight Scandinavian touch. Since their foundation, they have published regular demos that have attracted a lot of attention within the scene. With the long-awaited debut album "The Five Rivers Of Erebos" the guys show now, that they are ready to take the next step. Musically, the listener can expected a lot of hammering riffs and a steamroller-like basic mood, in which the thematic spectrum from Greek mythology to the abysses of the human soul is first-class implemented with a touch of melancholy. Recorded in the Thuringian Hörsturz studio and produced, mixed and mastered by Norman Wille (e. g. Carrion, Beneath the Dying Sky) the quintet makes a great debut. The artwork for the album is by the way from Roberto Toderico, who was also responsible for releases of Asphyx, Sinister and Rogash. Fans of old Dismember, At The Gates and Hypocrisy should definitely risk an ear here!

9,99 €*
Intense Heavyness! Wenn sich der musikalische Tausendsassa Rogga Johansson (Furnace, Paganizer) anschickt ein neues Projekt an den Start zu bringen, dann kann man sich darauf verlassen es in irgendeiner Form mit der ureigensten Essenz schwedischen Death Metals zu tun zu haben. Zumindest Instrumental sind die schweren schleppenden Rythmen und eingängige Melodien auch bei Astrophyte das solide Fundament.  Und dennoch ist in diesem Fall etwas anders: Mit Indii Hofvander (Tristitia), die bereits auf dem Furnace Album „Stellarum“ einen Gastauftritt zu einem Johansson Projekt beigesteuert hat, prägt eine eindringliche, fast flehentliche, weibliche Stimme Großteile des Albums - und trägt damit, neben  Mike Hubrovcaks Growls, nicht unwesentlich zur bedrückend schweren Gesamtatmosphäre des Albums bei. „2192“ ist ein Album erdrückendes Album, geprägt von typischen Trademarks des nordischen Death Metals der Neunziger, welches darüberhinaus aber etliche Finessen bereithält. Das Album folgt inhaltlich einem Konzept basierend auf dem Rollenspiel der Mutant Chronicles World, für welches sich Bassist Fredrik Petersson verantwortlich zeigt und welches das dystopische Bild einer dysteren Zukunft zeichnet. 

12,99 €*
Aurora Borealis – World Shapers CD

10,99 €*
Avulsed - Carnivoracity CD
20 Years gone since the spanish Death Metal legend released their first 7“, here we go them to the anniversary as CD-Release added also three great Cover-Songs and a bunch of Killer Live Tracks! AVULSED is a mighty must have for every cool, dirty and rotten Death Metal Freak!

10,99 €*
Avulsed – Ritual Zombi CD
The spain Death Metal Artillery with the new, uncompromissing attack! A Death Metal must have!

10,99 €*
BALEFUL ABYSS - Death Propaganda CD
Classic Old School Death Metal! With "Death Propaganda" Baleful Abyss present their debut album, which actually is no debut album at all. The Quartet from Germany has released 3 albums under the name "Zombieslut" since 2008 before they decided in 2019 to make a restart under a new name. But the did not change their musical orientation, because it is still almost classic Old School Death Metal, which also booms out of the speakers on the current album! Baleful Abyss stands for obscure, massive Death Metal and presents 11 tracks plus intro full of groovy and doomed brutality. The band takes a look into the abysses of the human soul and pushes this mixture directly and mercilessly through the ear canals. The current album was recorded by the band themself and was mastered by Tim Eiermann (Pyogenesis, Gut). The cover artwork is by Afel Rafael / The red Devils Art (Suicide Silence, Voices Of Ruin).

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BATTLESWORD - And Death Cometh Upon Us CD
Melodic Death veterans! Already since 1999 Battlesword have been holding up the banner of Melodic Death Metal and with their powerful and likeable live performance have gained a steadily growing following on international stages. In the year 2019, the band's 20th anniversary, it's time to release their fifth output after a maxi, an EP and two albums. On "And Death Cometh Upon Us" the quintet proves that, despite various line-up problems in the past, they still alive on the one hand and on the other hand they still not a part of the old guard. With their concentrated load of energy, experience and their meanwhile distinctive style between Melodic Death and Scandinavian Old School, Battlesword manage to leave a trail of destruction behind with their current longplayer and leave the listener with extensive neck pain. "And Death Cometh Upon Us" was recorded, mixed and mastered in April 2019 at Beefy Audio Mönchengladbach by André Bodewein. The artist Mark Erskine (Erskine Designs) is responsible for the cover artwork, which gives the album a worthy optical frame for the band's anniversary. TRACKLIST 1. Into Battle 2. Bloodmorning 3. Serpents Amongst Us 4. Smothered 5. Through Thy Shadows 6. Ageless, I´m Reborn 7. Falling Into The Arms Of Morpheus 8. The Lion And The Eagle 9. Once 10. At Night They Feast running time: 41:09 min Discography 2001 - Crusade of Steel (EP) 2003 - Failing in Triumph 2008 - The 13th Black Crusade (Maxi) 2016 - Banners of Destruction 2019 - And Death Cometh Upon Us

9,99 €*
BATTLESWORD - Failing in Triumph - CD
Forgotten Melodic Death Metal Jewel ! Es ist genau 20 Jahre her, da erschieb mit „Failing In Triumph“ das vielumjubelte Full Length Debut der deutschen Melodic Deather BATTLESWORD. Eine Band die sich im Laufe der nächsten Jahre zu einer Institution im deutschen Underground entwickeln und mit weiteren 3 Alben diesen Status bis heute festigen sollte.  Schon anno 2003 war es der markante Mix aus Melodic Death Metal und skandinavischem Old School, welcher den Stil der Band bis heute prägt. Das hierbei schon damals Vergleiche als „deutsche Amon Amarth“ angeheftet wurden begleitet die Band bis heute. „Failing In Triumph“ ist seit vielen Jahren nirgendwo mehr erhältlich, was auch damit zu tun hat, dass das damalige Label kurz nach Album VÖ das zeitliche segnete. Nach ihren erfolgreichen Alben „And Death Cometh Upon Us“ (2019) und “Towards The Unknown“ (2022) und nicht zuletzt wegen des 20 jährigen Jubiläums ihres Debüts, ist es anno 2023 an der Zeit selbiges neu aufzulegen und endlich auch einer größeren Hörerschaft zugänglich zu machen. „Failing In Triumph“ ist ein zeitloses Zeugnis des Beginns ihrer Kariere und hat auch 20 Jahre später nichts von seinem Charme eingebüßt! Das gesamte Artwork des Rereleases wurde, auch mangels Originaldaten, neu gestaltet.

12,99 €*
BATTLESWORD - Towards The Unknown CD
Melodic Old School Death Metal strikes back ! Mit „Towards The Unknown“ meldet sich im dreiundzwanzigsten Jahr ihres Bestehens die deutsche Melodic Death Metal Institution Battlesword mit neuem Material zurück und beweist, dass sie noch längst nicht zum alten Eisen gehören und schon gar nicht gewillt ist an den Ruhestand zu denken. Im Gegenteil - auf dem neuen Material bricht sich die geballte Ladung an Erfahrung in Form einer energiegeladenen Dampfwalze Bahn, die alles unter sich zu begraben droht was sich in ihren Weg stellt. Mit ihrem markanten Mix aus Melodic Death und skandinavischem Old School schafft es die Band auch anno 2022 scheinbar mühelos Songs zu schreiben, die vom ersten Riff an Klassikerpotential haben.  „Towards The Unknown“ wurde im April/Mai im Big Easy Studio in Hennef von Michael “Freio” Haas aufgenommen und produziert. Für das Mastering hat sich die Band diesmal an einen Meister des Genres gewandt und so hat niemand geringeres als Dan Swanö das Album veredelt. Zusätzlich zu neuem Material enthält „Towards The Unknown“ als Bonus die Songs der bereits seit vielen Jahren restlos vergriffenen  „The 13th Black Crusade“ Maxi, die zu diesem Zweck auch nochmal einem ReMastering unterzogen wurden! TRACKLIST 1. Departure 2. The Awakening 3. To Become The Wolf 4. Terra Combusta 5. The Shores Of I 6. Hound Of Hades 7. Backstabber - Bonus Tracks - 8. There Will Be Blood 9. Fire And Storm 10. The 13th Black Crusade

12,99 €*